Julia Ashleigh

JULIA ASHLEIGH is a British photographer from London who has been living on the island of Corfu for over 18 years. Her father gave her the passion for photography after managing Leica camera company for over 35 years. She covered many different types of events from weddings, baptisms, editorials, models, newspapers, luxury properties, popular nightclubs and more. Photography is her joy, she bonds well with her clients, often times keeping in touch with them long time after the wedding day. She believes that the couple must feel comfortable in front of the camera and she manages to reduce their stress by assuring them to “simply enjoy their day and pretend she is not there”. Being a woman she understands what bride is going through and she tries to make her relaxed so the final result is natural and flawless.

Igor Stancik

IGOR STANCIK is top 5 professional photographer in Slovak republic. He and Kate Janik know each other for over 20 years. The old friendship grew into great co-operation and now they work together on many amazing projects.

Igor is famous for his unique photographic technique – he never uses flash, yet delivering amazing natural light effects. He is always capturing real people, their real characters, not  just actors in their new roles. He works for INTERVIEW magazine, specializes on documenting surgeries, Stanley Cup winners, Olympic and World champions, politicians, fashion designers, moderators, actors, singers etc. Many of his photographs were awarded and hundreds published in international magazines.

Pavol Malichercik

PAVOL MELICHERCIK is a professional videographer. He works on Slovak government’s video projects, music festivals and is widely used in professional advertising.

Igor and Pavol are a great team that is able to deliver the most professional work at the fragment of the price that you would pay in Western Europe, USA or Japan. They need to be reserved in advance since they are very desired professionals. They will fly to Corfu island from Slovakia just for your wedding.

The full package of the photographer and videographer includes 200 fully edited photos that are ready to print and 20 minutes professional wedding video clip that you can send to all your family, friends or post on social media platform. They will both work all day long on your wedding day, capture pre-wedding preparation, ceremony and reception. Your photos and video will be delivered to you within 30 days from the wedding day.