Wedding Plan

Part of our success at Weddings Corfu is the particular attention we pay to your wedding plan.

Professional wedding consultant, Dr Kate Janik, will conduct an initial consultation with you and guide you through three important phases:


Your initial feelings and desires will help us decide on the Wedding Type and the Wedding Location before we get to the creative process of deciding on Wedding Style & Design.
Themes, colour schemes, décor, flowers, music, photographer and a thousand other details go into creating your unique and fabulous Wedding Day.
There is much to think of and to decide upon but we make this process enjoyable and fun for it is as much part of your future’s happy memories as the special day itself.
The next step is about Budget Setting. Our experience guarantees the best service rates in the business but ultimately the choices we make will depend on the budget you set on our initial consultation.
Each choice has a thousand options that range from minimal to highly sophisticated. At Weddings Corfu the sky is the limit. We make sure we reach the maximum effect on your budget and that we don’t overstretch it either.

Once all the Wedding Plan details have been finalised we agree upon
a Payment Calendar. Our practice is that 30% of the agreed service total
is paid in advance and the rest of the payment is finalised no later than
30 days prior to your wedding date.

The wedding day:

This is likely to be one of the most important days of your life.
We want to make it both extraordinary and perfect in every way!
We co-ordinate all your wedding guests, we make sure all wedding
services are of the highest quality and that everything unfolds on time
and according to plan.

Post wedding:

A wedding simply does not finish on the wedding day, it is just the
beginning of something extraordinary. We make sure that all your legal
documents are finalised correctly, that they are translated and posted to you.
We even keep a copy for your future reference.
Our commitment includes making sure the photographer and videographer keep to their contracted deadlines and we post all material safely to you.
Should you want to renew your vows, retrieve your lost wedding certificate or christen your children we will be your lifetime Wedding Planers in Corfu.
Once the deposit is paid we create your unique Wedding Day Pogramme, a detailed timeline of how the day will unfold so that you have a very clear mental picture of what will happen and when.